Sogi sweaters reflect the new changing face of knitwear today.  A sense of effortlessness and luxury, casualness and ease, timeless pieces and runway trends interpreted in soft yarns at an accessible price point.  Caryn Vallone is using her years of design experience to create a line that speaks to several generations.

Sogi began by combining the names of Caryn's daughters' and reflects the multi-generational appeal of the line.  This is the type of line that Caryn always dreamed of creating; styles that both she and her daughters  would all want to wear.  Whether they are classic styles with a bit of an edge or, of-the-moment trendier pieces, all Sogi sweaters are cut to be flattering.  Caryn feels strongly that good design does not have to be exorbitantly expensive and great styling should not be just for those that are model thin.

In a very short time, Sogi has developed a following of great specialty stores and customers who feel and look great in our sweaters.  Nothing makes us happier than to hear someone say, "I was wearing your sweater and I got so many compliments…"  

Our mission, to create timeless knits for everyday luxury.