New York City, travel, food and runway styles all inspire the Caryn Vallone collection.  We strive to anticipate what our fashion conscious woman will want each season and our goal is to offer her all the trends done in a way that makes her style look effortless.  The Italians call this "sprezzatua."

Caryn Vallone wants each piece to make a statement.  Women have different moods; one day we feel edgy, another day more glam and sometimes we just want to wrap ourselves into a delicious, soft sweater.  Fall covers all of these moods with styles for everyone.

Fall '19 was inspired by trips to Paris, France and Reykjavik, Iceland.  

The Paris street scene is always a kaleidoscope of cool girls strutting their stuff, putting things together with that certain French nonchalance.  It's all about the mix...Vintage scarves and spice colors at the Marche D'alegre food market influenced the tie-dye, plaid and marled styles.

Snow capped mountains, geysers, waterfalls and rainbows in Iceland were the inspiration for the Winter collection.  The cool design scene in Reykjavik inspired the not so classic fair isle and the clean modern argyle sweaters.  Fabulous blankets informed our great cable stitch that feels so cozy to warm up in and an early spectacle of the Northern Lights was filled with neon colors-just like our kangaroo pocket style!

Always modern.  Effortless luxury.  That's the mission.